Year cycle at end – ÄRING cycle begins again!

Well well, the year in the Gregorian calendar is ending, the “#äring” cycle of the natural and astronomical year passed a point of reference on the winter solstice. Its all a matter how one values and frames the cyclical year. The Life journey can be seen as a spiral. Gradual movement and reoccurring patterns in each cycle. Not just the same, but similar! This pattern is more stable than the details in the patterns. The growth and life force in nature and the movements from root to crown through the trunk to the leaves is a pattern but which leaves and which branches that has fallen in the winter storms is details in the pattern of the Tree. These words are descriptions both in metaphors and literally.  The New Year in the Gregorian Calendar marks a point in the spiral and the meaning of this is in the agreement between humans that is does hold meaning of importance in the human thought-emotional system.

For me the point in the äring cycle has already passed with the Winter Solstice. Let go of the year that has passed and learn form decisions made and make wisdom by learning and recognizing when the experience from the past is applicable in the present moment. When one can do this wisdom arises in the life one leads!